time flies...when you're on winter break


All three weeks of winter break have vanished out from under me - and I find myself back in the lecture hall for my final semester of this law school business. I'm having the usual mixed reactions to being back - and while I don't think my senioritis has kicked in in full force yet, I'm wary of what's going to happen to my already minimal motivation when the spring sun finally comes out. Work at the state has been good but busy...busy enough in fact that I've spent a good part of my three day weekend working on compliance reports, but I'm getting close to the end of a major project, and there's certainly some satisfaction to be found in that.

Winter break was really a good time all in all - probably the most free time I'll have in a single block until after the bar. I enjoyed some much needed quality time with the family down in Pasadena and then returned north to spend new years/and the remainder of the days off with Chante. While out in Windsor, we got to experience the major flooding in Sonoma - the most water northern CA has seen in the last ten years. Thankfully, Chante's folks' property didn't sustain any damage - quite to the contrary, their vineyard view was changed to lakefront over night. This truly remarkable transformation afforded me a rare opportunity to grab some breathtaking shots with my new Panasonic Lumix DX9. Hope you like em!

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