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At 15 years old, I was pretty good with computers. I worked as the assistant to a net admin for a multi-branch lumber company. It was good stuff, lots of problem solving - and I already had my own office.

Now a little over a month away from 25 years of age, I'm nearing the mid-point of my final year of law school. I've learned quite a bit, matured at least a little, and lost more than one hair along the way... As a law clerk for a state agency, I see a few interesting issues and a whole lot of mundane regulations cross my desk. I have felt generally appreciated. However, today I was informed that due to space limitations, I would henceforth be SHARING MY GODDAMN CUBICLE...

Now I feel like that strange little guy in the movie Office Space, when they took away his Swingline Stapler...


a subtle indication of my concern, heard by the right ear, has solved the problem - and my dignity restored.

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  1. Blogger Leena 

    office space guy = milton! i am so him!

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