drm or digital intrusion?

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Today on slashdot:

Sony's most recent attempt at digital rights management, on it's line of "copy protected" CD's, has been revealed to contain "rootkits" which automatically install registry level security flaws on Windows computers.

It is, in fact, time to be afraid. Rootkit hacks, formerly only associated with serious "malware," are far beyond the reach of the best spyware tools and virus checkers. Installation takes place without notice or consent, and the mere discovery (much less removal) of these cloaked files poses serious difficulties for even skilled IT professionals.

I am frankly shocked that Sony would stoop to this level of illegal and intrusive conduct, and I seriously hope that consumers will repay this violation of trust with a boycott that brings the consumer electronics giant to its knees.

Link to Slashdot Story - (click link "rootkit from Sony Music" for full discussion)

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  1. Blogger labibliovore 

    Oh, I have to show this article to Jishnu - it will make his head explode.

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