what a monster

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This slate.msn comment on the Alito nomination was just too priceless to pass up:
And Thrasymachus sheds some light, albeit ironically, on Alito's judicial stance on abortion:

The poor man is being cruelly maligned and slandered by his unscrupulous feminist opponents.

Why, just last week Alito issued a decision in which he denied asylum to a Chinese woman who fled China because she had undergone a forced abortion and been ordered to report to a medical clinic for mandatory sterilization. Chen v. Gonzales, Slip Copy 2005 WL 2652051 (3rd Cir., October 18, 2005).

So take that, liberals! He's not anti-abortion at all! He's just against women having the right to choose abortion for themselves.

What a monster! They should give this guy horns, a goatee, and red face paint to go with his robes. Scales of justice soon to be replaced with fiery trident...

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