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While attempting to enjoy a rare weekend trip home to Pasadena, I met with some minor misfortune.

I was driving my mom's car down Walnut in the right hand lane, just past Allen, when I was suddenly startled by a loud noise from my immediate right. I looked back over my shoulder to see fragments of my passenger mirror flying through the air, and further back, the door of a parked SUV extended open into my lane.

That's right - some asshat had decided to open his door right into my moving vehicle, on a very busy street, without so much as looking to see if any traffic was coming. Arg....

Even more frustrating, the guy immediately started a confrontation with me, refusing to admit any fault, and instead alleging that I must have been speeding (which I certainly wasn't - given that I had just been at a red light 40ft. back from where his car was parked.)

As the damage clearly shows - starting on my passenger side tire/broken mirror - the front of my car was already past him when he opened the door into me without looking. My sincere thanks to my father and Patrick (my forensic photographer /grin) for rushing down the hill to lend their support and document the scene. I'd probably still be standing there in a shouting match with that bastard if I didn't have you guys to rely on.

Sorry about the car mom =/

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  1. Blogger labibliovore 

    Oh, that's so horrible, Mike! I hope the damage will be repaired easily. How was the rest of your trip?

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